Literally, no matter what the Kardashians do, someone is there to tell them they're doing it wrong. And while that can get super frustrating, it comes with the industry they're in. Well, when it comes to their children, that's definitely a different story. The Kardashian kids are growing and growing, so much so that we wouldn't be shocked if they got their own TV show. Well, fans think Kim Kardashian's daughter North has a full face of makeup on in this photo, and they may be right. 

North West, who is 5-years-old, is not a stranger to the fashion and beauty world. I mean, she's been rocking Yeezy's and designer brands since she came out the womb. And every now and then, Kim allows her to wear some eyeshadow, her hair straight, and dress up like she's a teenager. We all played dress up when we were kids, and North is no different. But fans think Kim is letting her go too far. 

In the photo that Kim posted, North and Chicago are seen sitting together posing for a photo. They're both so adorable, but is North wearing makeup? While Kim hasn't said anything, fans absolutely think so. You can view the photo below: 

@kimkardashianembedded via  

Guys, we have to remember that North is 5. If she is wearing makeup, it's probably just for fun, she saw her mom doing it and wanted in, or whatever other reason kids like to play with makeup! If you look closely, it does look like she has eye makeup on, as well as her eyebrows done. Either way, she's definitely not rocking this look every single day, so it doesn't really matter. However, here are some comments fans are leaving on the picture: 

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Via kimkardashian

Via kimkardashian

Via kimkardashian

To each their own, I guess! We may have to wait to see if Kim comments on the situation, or if she just lets it be. However, there is no way Kanye would let North wear a full face of makeup every single day, let's just remember that. Okay?

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