Did the flame sizzle? It seems like Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey from Too Hot To Handle continued their fling after the show ended. Their Instagram profiles show both of them visiting each other's homeland on some pretty cute dates but the photos didn't continue past summer 2019.

From the very beginning of the Netflix reality series, the two lovebirds instantly flocked to each other.

The show's premise is based on the wild rule that contestants aren't allowed to have any sexual contact, and if they broke that rule, the $100,000 prize money would decrease. 

Before even finding that out, Farago and Jowsey shared a smooch. After that, they were by far the couple who broke the rules the most, much to the dismay of the other contestants.

They managed to redeem themselves by abstaining from any sexual contact for one night, forming a stronger emotional connection.

It seems like that lasted even after the show ended since photos on their Instagram accounts point to some adorable dates.

Farago splits her time between Vancouver and L.A., with Australian Jowsey living in both Australia and L.A. 

In June 2019, the 26-year-old model posted snaps of her hanging out with a kangaroo in Gold Coast, Queensland.

On that same day, the Australian hunk posted a photo of him also hanging out with a kangaroo with his location tagged at Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located in Queensland.

The day before that, Farago posted snaps of her in Queensland, even writing in one of the captions that "If I come back talking like an Australian I won’t be surprised tbh".

Weeks before their kangaroo snaps, the couple also shared photos featuring the same lime green car. 

Jowsey's location is tagged as West Vancouver, British Columbia, hinting that he visited his love interest in her home city.

However, Farago tagged her location in the electrifying ride as Las Vegas, Nevada, but it's undeniably the same car and background. 

In early June, Jowsey was still posting photos from Vancouver, with one even featuring a red kiss mark on his cheek.

Though none of their snaps feature the couple together, their locations in each other's cities show that they likely hung out even after the show ended.

Both reality stars split their time living in L.A., but photos of them in coincidental spots haven't been posted since June 2019. Maybe they were just too hot to handle each other. 

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