The Hadid sisters have been killing the fashion game as of late. Between their flawless street style to strutting in just about every major show when it comes to each city's fashion week. It's no denying that the sisters are arguably two of the biggest models in the industry right now. 

So it comes as no surprise that they booked a joint cover shoot for British Vogue, but what did surprise fans of the magazine and sisters was how... odd one of the photos included in the issue was. It all started off pretty standard, both Gigi and Bella getting separate covers as a kind of "collector's edition" for fans of the sisters:

@_glaminspoembedded via

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Though it went from 0-100 when inside the issue was a weird shot of the two together naked in what can only be described as just a really awkward embrace that just straight up looks like Smeagol. The photo caused so much controversy that their own mother, Yolanda Hadid ended up having to comment on the snap. 

Though many see her comment as something much weirder than the actual photo itself. Seeing as she told paparazzi yesterday she "loved it" then added, "love the skin you're in baby!" Deciding to ignore that most of the controversy was over the incestuous undertones in the photo rather than the lack of clothing. 

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Of course as usual,  once Twitter users got their hands on the ridiculous photo we got some great comic relief on the otherwise just all around weird situation:  


Via @alright_listen

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