Every year since Gigi Hadid first walked in the infamous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the world has looked forward to seeing the glowing, blonde star take the catwalk. Whether it's with musical sensation Lady Gaga, best friend Kendall Jenner, or her sister, Bella. This year, however, the show will feature one-less Hadid and we are shocked. 

This year, the VS Fashion Show is set to take place in Shanghai, China. While the location is sure to provide a certain air of mystique and intrigue, it also causes a problem for many a model travelling. In order to work in China, even if you're modelling in a high-profile fashion show, you need a visa. Several models expected to walk in the show such as Julia Belyakova, Kate Grigorieva and Irina Sharipova from Russia and Dasha Khlystun from Ukraine have been allegedly denied visas. 

via @voguechina

While Gigi has visited and worked in China many times, she recently upset a number of her Asian fans for appearing on the cover of Vogue China and seemingly mocking Asian people with this short video that same month. 

While Gigi did apologize for the video and realized how it upset her Asian fans, it seems the Chinese government was not as forgiving. Gigi's 'racist' video made headlines everywhere, most likely alerting Chinese officials of her disrespect.

Gigi excitedly confirmed she would be walking in the show this August, only to share that she would no longer be participating via Twitter on November 17th, weeks before the show's taping.

Considering Gigi did not shed light as to why she will not be walking this year, our best bet is because China doesn't want her there. Truth hurts, Hadid. 

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