Cuteness alert! Grimes and Elon Musk's newborn X Æ A-12 has been quite the topic of curiosity since his birth last month. Many originally assumed his unique name is hard to pronounce, but some quick explanations and a tiny name change got the confusion sorted out. Now, the new mom revealed that she has a nickname for the baby that's even cuter than you'd imagine.

The Vancouver-born singer and Tesla CEO welcomed their first son together in early May.

As the baby nears a month old on June 4, the 32-year-old singer shared that she has an adorable nickname for her son.

While speaking with Bloomberg, Grimes revealed that she calls him "Little X" for short. How sweet! 

Soon after his arrival, Musk was quick to share photos and information about the baby, including the three-part moniker.

Days later, the father of six explained in an interview that the super easy pronunciation was said, "X Ash A-12", crediting Grimes for coming up with most of the newborn's name.

After some slight disagreement, with Grimes claiming it's said "X A.I.", the couple hit another setback when they had to slightly change the baby's name in order to comply with California law.

Speaking with fans on Instagram, Grimes shared that the legal name was changed to X Æ A-Xii since only letters and some symbols including one dash are allowed in names.

"Roman numerals. Looks better tbh," the musician wrote, explaining that the "12" was changed into a letter format to meet the standards of the state constitution.

Now, the mom of one is part of an online art show where she's quite literally selling her soul to anyone willing to pay for it — and is leaving the auction price up to the public to decide.

So if you've ever wanted to take a deeper look into her genius creativity, save up your nickels and dimes because now's your chance.

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