Believe it or not, even your favourite celebrities have idols of their own who they admire and look up to. In Halsey's "You Should Be Sad" music video, the singer paid tribute to some other legendary musical icons, including Shania Twain.

On Friday, January 10, the 25-year old released a new single and music video from her upcoming Manic album. This is her first project since she released "Hopeless Fountain Kingdom" back in 2017, so her fans are excited, to say the least.

Halsey spent much of 2019 putting together her latest album, and kept fans on their toes by releasing singles such as "Nightmare", "Graveyard", and "Clementine". The New Jersey native also announced that she'd be heading out on tour in the new year after "Manic" released in January.

With the new project just days away from hitting streaming services, what better time than right now to give fans a sneak peek of what they can expect from the album?

After much anticipation, the New Jersey native released "You Should Be Sad" earlier today, and after watching the accompanying music video, fans couldn't help but notice her iconic shoutout to female celebrity icons like Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, and Shania Twain.

Halsey has been very candid about her former relationship with rapper G-Eazy, during which he cheated on her, and according to the singer, she wanted the video to take inspiration from Underwood's classic hit, "Before He Cheats".

"Xtina, Gaga, Carrie, and of course Shania, this was one loaded with nods to badass idols of mine. Had the vision to do a 'Before He Cheats' but instead about after he does haha," the "Graveyard" singer tweeted.

In the video, you can spot Halsey rocking the same unforgettable leopard look that Twain wore during her music video for her song "That Don't Impress Me Much".

The Canadian country crooner got word of the reference and gave Halsey a heartwarming shoutout on Instagram and Twitter.

Be sure to catch the rest of Halsey's "Manic" album when it's released next week on January 17.

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