Amazing news for all our GOT fans out there. If you were deeply saddened and left with unlimited questions after Sunday's season 7 finale  (like when will season 8 premiere? Is Tormund alive? What tf is cooking inside Cersei's womb?) fear not. HBO has announced a new 'Game of Thrones' spinoff that is readily available. 

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Really, you can watch it right now. HBO has filmed this amazing side project all the while 'Game of Thrones' was filming. Probably because they knew we'd be in dire need of some quality Westeros content. The show, The Game Revealed,  is a behind-the-scenes journey of the biggest moments on 'Game of Thrones' this season - including the ones you might have missed. The show will also feature sit down chats, interviews and big scene breakdowns with the show's super star cast. 

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The series will run every Monday on HBO & HBO Go - with the first episode available now! For all of you suffering post-Thrones depression, we recommend watching the first episode ASAP on YouTube. While we don't know wtf Jon and Dany did after know, did it - we do know that this series will hold us over until 2019, or whenever the Game of Thrones execs decide to stop torturing us. 

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Watch the first episode here! 

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