If you've spent the majority of your life here in Canada, chances are good that you're familiar with a band called Hedley. The group rose to fame after the lead singer, Jacob Hoggard competed on Canadian Idol back in 2004, and although he didn't win, he definitely got plenty of attention. Hedley's Jacob Hoggard in Toronto for sexual assault hearing tomorrow.

Whether you've kept up with the band in recent years or not, you may remember back in 2018, when allegations of Hoggard committing sexual assault against underage girls began coming out.

As more and more allegations began coming out, Hoggard's life was essentially flipped upside down. Hedley began having performances cancelled, was dropped by management, and eventually, the group disbanded amidst all the drama.

As time went on, Hoggard was eventually arrested and charged by police. According to officials, the charges have to do with three separate instances regarding a girl under the age of 16, as well as a woman, all of which allegedly took place in the GTA in 2016.

Back in May of this year, it was announced that Hoggard's preliminary hearing was set for the 11th and 12th of July, meaning that the singer will be in Toronto tomorrow when things get started.

Since the band broke up, things have remained relatively quiet on Hoggard's front. While the allegations were coming out, he denied ever seriously harming a woman or engaging in non-consensual sex, but admitted that he had previously acted in a manner that could be considered as objectifying them.

Despite all the hectic things happening in his life, on New Year's Eve of last year, Hoggard got married to Canadian actress and dancer Rebekah Asselstine. The two have remained together over the past few months, but only time will tell if their relationship will be able to withstand the impending drama and possible jail time for Hoggard.

Be sure to stay tuned to Narcity Gossip for any and all updates on the Jacob Hoggard trial.

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