It's barely been a full week since the initial sexual assault and aggravation allegations against Canadian band Hedley sparked a hashtag that has snowballed into something much bigger. Since then the band has been dropped by their management, blacklisted from Canadian radio stations,  lost both of their opening acts for their tour and lost their scheduled performance at this year's Juno Awards.

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The band has stayed pretty vague on their side of the story even in their own public address on their group's Facebook page where the extent of actually addressing the allegations was left at "engaging in rock n roll clichés."

Since the statement, that ended up angering fans and Canadians further, Hedley has come out once again with something that has shocked fans that were sticking with the band regardless of the allegations. The band announced just yesterday that they are revoking their consideration for this year's Juno Awards. Also noting they are planning to "talk about how we have let some people down, and what we intend to do about it."

What this means is that the four awards the band was up for winning will most definitely not be awarded to them. Instead, their nomination will be swiped clean from the award show as if they were never nominated in the first place. It's not clear if their nomination will be replaced with another, especially if Hedley had been chosen to win any of those awards, or if the category will just move forward with one less nomination in those 4 categories.

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While many fans have jumped ship from Hedley's fandom there have been many that have stayed, creating their own hashtag #istandwithhedley. It's safe to say they weren't impressed by the news. *Note in advance that the reactions may be triggering and upsetting to some.

While fans seemed to have turned a blind eye to Hedley's ambiguous statements that contrast to the usual response someone might have if they didn't do something.. being to flat out deny it, fans nonetheless are standing ground. With Hedley's Canadian tour still running it's course without any opening acts they'll be sticking in the spotlight somewhat. Though many are hoping they'll eventually open up to a TV interview so fans and Canadians can finally hear a straight story from their camp.

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