Henry Cavill has never been short on fans during his career. With movie premieres packed with people and conventions full of fans ready for a photo-op, you wouldn't think he needed another fan base. However, according to his most recent Instagram post, he thought otherwise. Henry Cavill stole Shawn Mendes' fans and then apologized for it. 

Brazil was booming with celebs this past weekend at the  Comic-Con Experience convention that was going on, and while Cavill was in attendance, his mind was back with fans in Argentina.

While on a trip to Buenos Aires, Cavill happened to be staying at the same hotel as artist Shawn Mendes. 

When fans found out what hotel the Canadian pop-star was residing in, they lined the streets cheering with signs in hopes of catching a glimpse of Mendes. 

While they, unfortunately, didn't get an appearance from Mendes they did get Cavill, who afterwards took the time to troll Shawn Mendes about it. 

On his Instagram, the Superman actor dedicated a thank you post to fans who came out to see him over the weekend, but his post also featured fans that weren't exactly there for him:

"As I'm sure you may know by now, I am in Sao Paulo, buuuuuut I just wanted to give a big shout out and a thank you to the fans in Buenos Aires! It was so wonderful to meet, see and hear you all! A thank you to Shawn Mendes as well, pretty sure I borrowed some of your fans outside the hotel!" 

In the Instagram photo, Cavill is flocked by a group of fans standing underneath a banner that reads, "Shawn Mendes This Is Mutual." 

Cavill himself was promoting his upcoming role in The Witcher series that's already been getting so much hype, even being compared to Game of Thrones

On the other hand, Shawn Mendes was completing the first leg of his South American tour that'll see him visiting cities like San Tiago and Mexico City. 

Mendes has yet to respond to Cavill's Instagram antics. 

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