There's something suspicious about Shay Mitchell's latest photo updates from her #Shaycation in Hong Kong. Take one look at her Instagram and you'll see endless travel photos that are almost too stunning to be real. This time, that might actually be the case. Fans are accusing Shay of stealing her travel pics from the Internet, and we've collected all the evidence to prove it.

In this photo from Shay's Instagram story, the clue is too obvious to ignore. In the bottom corner of the image, there's a mouse cursor hovering on the screen. The original image was later discovered on a Canon travel blog. Shay's appears to be a filtered version of the exact same photo. 

Via DailyMail

Fans also discovered that a photo Shay posted at the Jingan Temple in Shanghai is literally the exact same one that appeared on a different Instagram account in 2016. The people captured in her photo are in the exact same position as the original. All she did was add a filter. 

@shaymitchellembedded via  

But, it doesn't stop there. Shay is also being accused of stealing an image from a hotel. This photo of a doorway bears uncanny resemblance to the one on their website. Her version is just slightly zoomed in and, again, filtered. 

@shaymitchellembedded via  

Shay has yet to address whether or not these photos are in fact original. But, her followers are pretty much flooding the comments section of the photo with accusations. We think the truth is bound to come out sooner or later. 

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