Looks like Drake's moving on from Keke and has a new girl he's worried about loving up. The Toronto born rapper and singer has been connected to an American model and the pair look pretty cozy, to say the least.

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The new girl in Drake's life is none other than the 18-year old model, Bella Harris. Not only is Harris known for her modelling work, her family is connected to some serious celebrities in Hollywood too. Since we're touching on the subjet, we've also compiled an entire list of all of Drake's girlfriends before Bella Harris.

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Fans first connected Harris and Drake together after she was spotted at multiple tour dates during the rapper's recent and previous tour. While Drake is 31, making him 13 years her senior, the couple looked quite touchy on Bella's Instagram page. 

Many fans have even been blowing up her page with comments warning the young teen to "stay away" from Drake because he will most likely end up breaking her heart.

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Here's everything you need to know about Drake's much-younger girlfriend, Bella Harris: 

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1. She just graduated from high school. 

The model posted this photo to her Instagram on June 12 of this year with the caption, "peace out high school ✌🏽🥂here’s to new beginnings and new adventures 🥂." 

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2. Her father is a 1980's music legend. 

Yes, that's Bella at the 2018 Grammy's with her dad, Jim Jam. Her father is known for his work with fellow producer Terry Lewis. Their most acclaimed work was producing Janet Jackson, which leads to our next fact. Maybe Bella's new boyfriend is helping them with their next project? 

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3. Her godmother is none other than Janet Jackson. 

Of course, this makes sense considering the long past Bella's father has with the singer. 

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4. Harris worked for Drake's ex-gf.

Not only did Bella work with Puma, the 18-year old model worked on Fenty by Rihanna. As we all know, Drake and Rihanna's love story is one that ends with everyone's hearts breaking and Rihanna not dealing with Drakes bullshit.  Harris also met Rihanna during her Antiworld Tour in 2016. 

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5. She is actually a twin. 

That's right, Bella actually has a twin brother as well as an older brother. Her twin, Max, is currently pursuing music, while both Bella and her older brother Tyler are working in the modelling industry. 

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6. She's known Drake since 2016 (or earlier). 

The model posted a photo congratulating Drake back in 2016 after his wins at the American Music Awards. Obviously, since the Harris family is so intertwined in the music industry, the pair could have met before dating. She also shared a photo of herself and Drake during his 2016 Revenge tour! 

Source: Hollywood Life 

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