Have no fear, Bachelor season is here. And for all of you Bach fans that were gutted by the news of #ArieForBachelor and the absence of the hunky af Peter Kraus on your screens - worry not. There's a hot, new, baggage-free Bachelor for you to swoon over this season and his name is Chris Leroux. 

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Leroux's season will make the 3rd instalment of The Bachelor Canada starring the former MLB pitcher in his search for love. The 33-year old Mississauga native is ready for something real and is taking to TV to find it. He's spent his career travelling for baseball - calling cities like Tokyo and Las Angeles home. After playing multiple seasons for wildly popular teams like the New York Yankees, the Florida Marlins and the Pittsburg Pirates, Chris decided it was time to settle down with someone he cared about. Correction - someone other than his adorable Frenchie, Cash. 

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LeRoux has no interest in being Bachelor famous, saying that he hardly has any acting experience and doesn't know much about the show other than it's a great way to find people who are ready to settle down and find love. He's more than ready to find someone who is genuine, honest and loves to laugh.

Chris isn't deterred by the failed relationships of Bachelor Nation saying  "I’ve never been someone who compares myself to others. Those relationships not working out have no bearing on how it’s going to work out for me." The optimistic athlete is keen on sharing his interest in vintage cars, surfing and playing the piano with both the viewers and the Bachelor Canada cast. 

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In conclusion, Chris says he hasn't met the right woman naturally because, "I have met a lot of people in my life but have been nervous about taking that next step. Now that I’m ready, the show has given me the opportunity to really focus and find the right person." In short? He's a family guy, who likes to joke around and is ready to pop the question. Will you watch him get down on one knee?! The Bachelor Canada airs Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 9 p.m. on W Network. Make sure to tune in to heal your Peter Kraus-cracked hearts. 

Source: The Toronto Star 

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