Just so you know, Jesse McCartney is still a beautiful soul. And just so you know even more, his single Beautiful Soul came out in 2004. Feel old yet? Jesse McCartney along with Chad Michael Murray, Shia LaBeouf, and basically anyone from Disney Channel were in their prime around that time. Like everything else, people either kind of fade out of the spotlight as they get older or they only get more popular. For celebrities like Jesse McCartney, unfortunately the first one happened. 

Jesse McCartney was really in his prime around 2004-2007. He had a few hit songs like Beautiful Soul, Just So You Know, and Leavin' which lead all of us to a pretty unhealthy obsession with the teen singer/actor. He was in every J-14 magazine, he acted in a few things (who remembers Summerland?) and he really knew how to get us with that side swept blonde hair. He was the ultimate surfer boy. 

Did you know he even co-wrote the iconic song Bleeding Love, which was sung by Leona Lewis? He's so talented. Anyways. He's definitely been out of the spotlight for a little bit, and he actually took around 6 years where he wasn't promoting new music or acting in anything. While he definitely needed a break, he is actually coming out with new music, and released a new song this year. 

I'm sure you're curious as to what the singer looks like now. Well, here you go!

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The 31-year-old still has that surfer boy look with his blonde hair, but his style has definitely evolved. He released a new song called Better With You back in March of this year, which definitely shows off his same music style and boy, did we miss his voice. It gives off the same vibe as his music back in 2004, but just matured. 

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Jesse McCartney currently has 530k followers on Instagram, and he's actually going on tour in January of 2019! You can probably catch him singing his old hits, as well as singing new music that may come out in the new year. Here are a few more Instagram pictures to make you feel old: 

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He still has that boy band, adorable smile thing going on. 

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He's been in a long term relationship with actress Katie Peterson since 2012, and his Instagram is filled with photos of them. 

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He's really into posting a throwback every once in a while, which gives us major nostalgia. Also that hat. 

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He also wants us to know he hasn't aged a day, and that's he loves dogs. So he's pretty much still perfect. 

According to his Instagram, he spends a lot of time touring, hanging out with his girlfriend, and really loves taking selfies on planes (especially when they're private). While he may not be totally in the spotlight anymore, we can still bop to Beautiful Soul and never forget his prime. 

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