Sadly, it's true. Hugh Hefner passed away on September 27th 2017 at the age of 91 in his famed Playboy mansion surrounded by family. And while the world quietly pays their respects, we can't help but wonder what'll happen to one of the world's most notable brands. 

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Hef founded Playboy back in 1953 from his hometown of Chicago. He had a little experience in the publishing industry and spent his life drawing cartoons and making mock-magazines. When he first launched Playboy off the ground, it was an instant success. A pulse-racing, sexy publication that had secrets between its pages - one of the most memorable? Nude photos of Marilyn Monroe. 

Playboy grew into one of the most recognized brands in the world with its gorgeous models, scandalous reputation, and fearless leader in a silk robe & pipe. Hef remained on the Playboy board from the magazine's launch up until the day he died. 

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While Hef still had full editorial control of the magazine, he was de-throned as CEO by Scott Flanders in 2009 and later Ben Kohn in 2016. Now that Hef is gone, Playboy still plans to continue to continue Hef's legacy as a sex symbol and lifestyle brand. 

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As for the infamous Playboy mansion? Hef sold it last year for a mere 200 million dollarsHis billionaire neighbour, Daren Metropoulous - owner of Twinkies and PBR - secured the sale with one condition: Hef could live in the mansion until the day he died. Now that Hef is in a better place, Metropoulous will be making the move from one mega-home to another. 

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