Meryl StreepReese Witherspoon, Debra MessingShonda RhimesEmma Stone, Charlize TheronSarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Williams are just some of the women that decided to create the 'Time's Up' movement. The movement is in direct response to the #MeToo outpour of women who came forward about their experiences with sexual abuse, sexual assault and harassment. 

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These A-list stars penned an open letter to both women and the world, detailing how sexual violence and harassment of women in any workplace is unacceptable and now more than ever is the time for change and revolution. Some of the more famous actresses brought activists as their guests in order to bring more attention to equal rights. 

The Golden Globes 2018 colour blackout was staged as a protest, but also a fundraiser. Stars dressed in black to bring attention to the imbalance of power and to stand in solidarity with women and men who have been silenced by discrimination, harassment, and abuse. The 'Time's Up' group successfully raised their goal of $16 million dollars in support of victims. 

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Oprah gave a beautiful and moving speech about 'speaking your truth' that supported victims coming forward, saying that speaking ones truth is the key to one's own peace. Natalie Portman herself gave a dig to the 'Best Director' department, announcing, "Here are the all-male nominees." If last night was about anything, it was about equality and the end of work-place abuse. 

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