Britney Spears may actually be in the spotlight for something positive for the first time in years. Despite thriving on her social media accounts for a while, the iconic pop star hasn't been the center of the public's attention for a while. She recently stepped out for the red carpet premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with her boyfriend, and fans are speculating that Britney Spears might be engaged to boyfriend Sam Asghari. 

Although Spears has been dating boyfriend Sam Asghari since 2016, this marks their first red carpet together and they definitely made a statement. Matching the carpet in a fitted red dress, Spears also strutted a shiny diamond ring on a particular finger. 

Asghari is 25 (12 years younger than Spears) and moved to LA when in 2006. He slowly worked his way up to becoming a personal trainer who also owns his own soccer academy.  The two have been together since 2016 after he worked on Spears' music video for Slumber Party. 

This means that he's been with this pop queen through all her recent struggles; her father's health issues, and deciding to check herself into a mental health treatment facility back in April. 

Whether or not they're actually engaged has yet to be confirmed. This also isn't the first time she's been spotted with a diamond ring while dating Asghari. What we do know is that these two definitely share a special bond. 

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