Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello had everyone shook last week when photos of them were released cuddling and holding hands during their Fourth of July celebrations. More photos of the alleged couple were released this weekend and fans think their PDA is a little TOO much. Some Twitter users have even come up with a conspiracy theory about the two singers. This has fans wondering, is Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's relationship real?

Rumours that the two are dating have been circulating since they became friends five years ago. The time it took for the two to actually start a relationship is part of the reason people think it's fake.

Despite the rumours, Shawn and Camila seem insistent to prove that they are dating at all hours of the day, even 5 am. A fan posted a video on Twitter of them cuddling in a dinner with the time stamp 4:47am. 

Fans believe the reason for the publicity stunt is to keep the momentum going following their new song Señorita that they just released. 

A suspicious amount of content of the two together also has people wondering why this is only happening now. It's not surprising that they would be involved in a PR stunt. They both have a lot to offer one another's fan bases and a little more fame never hurt. 

Camila also attended two of Shawn's concerts in Los Angeles for his tour, calling him "amazing" and "unreal" on her Instagram stories. However, during a Q&A for his tour, a fan asked if he and Camila were dating and his answer was... awkward. You can view it below. 

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