Hi Sisters! You would expect James Charles' first video back to be full of him spilling tea about his controversy, but it was exactly the opposite. He's back to his regular scheduled content and honestly, he's doing better than ever. James Charles had a lot to say in his first video after the Tati scandal. 

Long story short, James Charles is thriving. He updated his fans on what he's been doing this past month while taking a break from social media and YouTube. He went on vacation with his best friends, recorded some more videos with the Cimorelli sisters, collabed with some iconic makeup artists, and even got invited to sing the National Anthem at a basketball game.

We already had some sort of idea that James couldn't have been doing that terribly, he did attend Kylie Jenner's Kylie Skin skincare launch a couple of weeks back! 

There wasn't one mention of Tati or anything to do with the scandal, which will probably leave fans of all the drama somewhat disappointed. He did mention the improvements he's made with his mental health and the growth he's experienced this month. The biggest improvement of all may have been him actually being able to walk away from his phone and social media. 

While we were all catching up and hoping for some tea, James gave fans a really cool Pride Month look that he teased on his Instagram a couple of days ago. James also gave fans an update on his Sisters Apparel website, which was taken down amid the scandal. He said he's working with a new manufacturer, and he has a ton of new products coming. 

It seems like James has moved on, sisters! 

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