Over the years, James Charles has become a household name. You know who he is, you've definitely seen some of his YouTube videos, and you've 100% used the term "sister" before without it pertaining to an actual sister. He has over 16 million YouTube followers and the same amount on his Instagram. Even at his level of fame, James Charles tour ticket prices are unfair

On Tuesday, James announced in a YouTube video that he would be going on tour all over the US. They go on sale tomorrow, but fans already know the prices of the tickets and they're absolutely outraged. The tour is appropriately called the 'Sister Tour', and James will be touring the US while giving fans a VIP experience with beauty, music, and one on one time with him. However, ticket prices aren't even that expensive for the most famous artists today, such as Ariana Grande. 

James' personality itself makes you want to meet him. Put in his makeup skills and his awesome voice, who wouldn't want to meet him? But 500 dollars can buy a lot of things. And fans are speaking up and saying they don't think meeting a YouTuber, no matter the following, is worth that much.

James heard everyone's concerns and took to Twitter to voice his opinion on it, saying that touring the US is not cheap and he's trying to negotiate a different price. You can view the tweets below: 

No matter what James says, it seems like none of the fans are buying it... or his tickets. People in the comments are saying $500 is not worth a hug, a few beauty tricks, and for him to sing one song. On his tour page, this is what it says you can expect from the event: 

"See you on the road, SISTERS! James Charles, the world-famous makeup artist and digital phenomenon, is coming to a city near you! In his first ever SISTERS TOUR in the United States, guests can expect an evening full of beauty, music and personal conversation with James. This highly immersive and interactive show will make the audience feel like part of the production - with on-stage beauty tutorials, live music, games, an interactive Q&A session, surprise giveaways, exclusive merchandise and much more."

You can view some of the tweets below where fans say they will not be purchasing $500 tickets to meet him: 

Would you pay $500 to see James Charles on a tour? You can view the video below where he announced he was going on tour in the first place. You might have to dig into your sister savings for this one!


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