As far as game shows go, there’s usually only one winner, but not for this Jeopardy! couple. The married couple, Emily Therese Cloyd and Stacy Cloyd, actually met when they were both auditioning to be on the Alex Trebek-hosted trivia show back in 2009.

Earlier this month, Emily took to Twitter to share her experience auditioning for and playing on the game show with her followers. She figured it was "a good time" because not only was it the 10-year anniversary of her taping, but it was also around the same time as the highly anticipated Jeopardy! GOAT episode, as well as an ABC News Special honouring Trebek, who is currently battling pancreatic cancer.

According to the Twitter thread, when at the in-person audition for the show, Emily met a woman named Stacy. After the audition ended, the two went their separate ways but they both ended up getting called back for an actual taping several months later in early 2010.

Emily and Stacy wound up playing against one another and another contestant, and although the former lost, she and Stacy still made plans to have a viewing party for their episode that would air in March of that year.

“After the viewing party, Stacy and I kept hanging out. Maybe some of you can guess where this is going. Maybe some of you already know,” the former contestant continued in the Twitter thread.

Eventually, the hangouts between these two apparently became quite serious, and before you know it, they were engaged to be married. Because Jeopardy! is the place where they met, Stacy and Emily wanted to make sure they invited Trebek to attend their special day.

“A little more than two years after our episode aired, we went to a taping of Celebrity Jeopardy! at DAR Constitution Hall. We hand delivered a note for Alex Trebek to one of the J! staff members,” Emily explained.

Just a week later, the engaged duo received a response from Trebek in the mail. Although he, unfortunately, couldn’t attend the wedding, he did take the time to wish them all the best and thank them for their kind gesture.

In an interview with Insider, Emily admitted that she and Stacy still watch Jeopardy! together, and she still loves telling people the story of how they met.

“It is a really fun story to share, and other people seem to really like it too… Stacy won on the show, but I think that I won in life."

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