Time to call in damage control. Jessica Mulroney recently got herself into hot water when she engaged in white privilege behaviour and threatened a Black lifestyle blogger. Now, the fashion stylist reportedly hired a crisis PR team to put the scandal behind her. 

According to US Weekly, a source told them that Mulroney "has hired a big crisis PR team to deal with all of this backlash against her."

The source continues, "She's been talking to lawyers, image experts and crisis PR teams. She has been having a lot of them over to her house to brainstorm and find a way to put this behind her."

Mulroney's scandal began on June 10 when Toronto based blogger Sasha Exeter posted an IGTV video describing the fellow Canadian's "textbook white privilege behaviour".

Exeter claims that Mulroney lashed out at her over text and threatened her business and livelihood by contacting companies that the blogger works with.

Soon after the video was posted, Mulroney issued a public apology in the comments but followed that with a private DM threatening a libel lawsuit.

The women's interaction began when Exeter posted a general call to action for fellow influencers to speak up about the Black Lives Matter movement, which Mulroney interpreted as a blatant attack against her.

Mulroney apologized for her behaviour in a five-part text post on Instagram.

She stated that she would be stepping back from social media in order to lend her microphone to Black voices including Exeter if she was willing to. 

However, that wasn’t enough because within days, Mulroney's reality TV series I Do, Redo got cancelled by CTV and Bell Media. Plus, she lost partnerships with companies including Cityline, Hudson's Bay, and Good Morning America.

The mom of three also stepped down from her role on the Board of Directors for The Shoebox Project, a charity she co-founded with her sisters-in-law.

But she wasn't the only person affected by the scandal.

This week, her husband Ben Mulroney announced that he is immediately stepping away from his role as an anchor for etalk.

He mentioned the situation surrounding his wife but claims "it is not my place to speak for her".

Ben noted that he hopes he is replaced by someone Black, Indigenous, or a person of colour who can spark change. 

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