Dr. Phil is feeding everyone's Jonas Brothers obsession this week, even if it was by accident. Although fans have been suspicious for weeks now about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner planning a second wedding reception, Dr. Phil just confirmed it. Dr. Phil announced that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are getting married in France next week

He commented underneath a photo of the couple on Instagram that the wedding was in 1 week and he couldn't wait to attend:

Here's everything we know about the couples European wedding! 

Location & Date 

Thanks to Dr. Phil, we already know that the wedding ceremony should be taking place next weekend. Besides that, all of the Jonas' seem to be casually strolling around France so that's presumably where the wedding will be held. If you want even more specifics, sources say the venue for the wedding will be the Le Château de Tourreau in southern France. 


We don't know much about the theme and probably won't know until celebs start posting photos of the night. What we do know, according to Cosmopolitan, is that the cake and decoration will be quirky to represent the couples personality. 

Pre-Wedding Festivities 

For the past week, Priyanka and Nick Jonas have joined the couple in preparing for their wedding. They've been spotted shopping, dancing, going on a cruise, seflie-ing, and overall just being iconic. 


Once again, because of Dr. Phil, we know that Dr.Phil will be in attendance for the wedding. Otherwise, besides their family and bridal party, people have been pretty tight-lipped about being in attendance. Maybe Diplo will live stream the ceremony again? 

Bridal Party 

Sophie Turner revealed her bridal party when she posted a photo of her and close friends at her recent bachelorette party. Although a source told E! News that only half the guests there will be in her bridal party, among them are Maisie Williams and Nadia Parkes, also known as her Game of Thrones co-stars. 

We don't know much about the groomsman at the wedding but I think it's safe to assume that the other two Jonas brothers will be involved. Maybe Kevin's daughters will be the flower girls?

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