Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel have been dating for some time now. According to the Canadian reality star, their bond is “the most incredible” thing ever. In a recent interview, their relationship was revealed to be getting quite serious by the reality TV star.

Entertainment Tonight sat down with Jonathan, his twin brother Drew Scott, and Drew’s wife, Linda Phan recently. The trio talked a lot about relationships, love, and marriage, and according to Jonathan, a wedding with Deschanel isn’t entirely out of the question.

Drew and Phan tied the knot back in 2018 in an incredibly elegant and glamorous ceremony, which Jonathan was asked if he would consider taking inspiration from.

“Their wedding was the most beautiful, amazing, incredible thing ever. The bar has been raised so high. Maybe I’ll just elope,” he joked.

The Property Brothers star then revealed, “Right now we’re just revelling in the fact that we love each other madly and we’re still discovering each other. It’s the most incredible relationship ever, so we’re content in that. I’ve never experienced [this] before in my life.”


The couple first met when they were filming an episode of Carpool Karaoke in early 2019 alongside Drew and Deschanel’s younger sister, Emily. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, the Property Brother was under the impression that the actress was the one flirting with him during filming, but according to the show’s producers, they actually had to cut out footage of him hitting on her.

“The producers came back and said that I was flirting so bad that they had to edit down the cut, so when you watch Carpool Karaoke, it looks like she’s a little more [flirty] but apparently if you watch the full cut, it would be me. I’m smoother in my head than I am in real life,” he explained.

Deschanel and Scott have only been together for less than a year, but the couple has gone on plenty of adventures thus far, including a trip to Las Vegas, spending the holiday season together, and making their red carpet debut back in November, according to their Instagrams.

You can check out the full Entertainment Tonight interview with the Scott brothers and Phan below.

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