Just when you thought the drama was over, Jordyn Woods goes on a show to tell her side of the story. And she did just that. While Jordyn was speaking her truth, Khloe was watching closely seeing if she made any mistakes. Well, I noticed one. Jordyn Woods completely left Kylie Jenner out of her tell-all interview, and here's why. 

On Red Table Talk which premiered a couple of hours ago, Jordyn Woods finally gave her side of the story. Whether you believe her or not, there are three sides to every story: Jordyn's, Khloe's and the truth. The only person who has stayed mum about this whole situation is Jordyn's (ex?) best friend, Kylie Jenner. 

If you watched the interview, you'll know that Jordyn completely denied pretty much everything, which I don't see as a bad thing. If it didn't happen, there is no need to fess up. But what I did notice is that she never mentioned her best friend Kylie's name. Kylie is the only Kardashian-Jenner that has not unfollowed Jordyn, and their relationship is kind of up in the air. However, there may be a reason why she didn't speak about Kylie. 

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Kylie and Jordyn have been best friends for years. When this whole situation dropped, Kylie was the first person to defend Jordyn. Until the "truth" came out. While Jordyn could've begged for forgiveness on Red Table Talk, it seems like she gave a hidden message about their friendship. 

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In the interview, Jordyn clarifies that she hasn't spoken to a lot of her friends and for those who aren't there for her, she said, "90% of those people were never my friends". The only time she mentioned Kylie was when she said she spoke to her the next morning. There could be several reasons why she left Kylie's name out of the interview for the most part, and here's why. 

Think about it. If you desperately wanted your best friend back, would you mention your relationship with her to the whole world? Probably not. From past reports, it seems like Kylie is still making her decision on if she wants to be friends with Jordyn or not. If they're still in that space, Jordyn isn't going to mess that up by talking openly about it. It seems like at this point, Jordyn knows she'll be in hot water with the family for a while. However, the Kardashians also don't expect Kylie to cut Jordyn out completely. 

I highly doubt that Kylie will cut out Jordyn, as that's her best friend and frankly, one of her only. Because of her lifestyle, she can't be letting in a ton of people into her life. Jordyn spoke her peace, and Khloe Kardashian was there to tell her she was wrong. I guess we'll have to see whose side Kylie takes, if she does at all. 

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