Justin Bieber has done some really strange things in the past. He's bought a monkey as a pet, punched a cake on the set of CSI, and even spat on fans from a balcony, but I think his most recent tweet takes the cake (pun intended). Everyone, not just fans, is confused about what he just said on Twitter. Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a fight, MMA style. 

In a tweet, he wrote, "I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to a fight in the octagon [MMA fighting ring]." He continues by basically telling Tom that if he doesn't accept the challenge he'll live in embarrassment for the rest of his life, "Tom if you don't take this fight your scare and you will never live it down." He even goes as far as tagging Dana White in the tweet, who is the president of UFC, "Who is willing to put on the fight? @danawhite?"

Dana White hasn't responded but Conor McGregor, a professional fighter, has. If Tom Cruise agrees, he has offered to showcase the event. 

We know that Tom Cruise has experience in the martial arts and he performs almost all his stunts in his movies, but does Justin have any fighting experience? People on Twitter seem to be questioning the same thing. 

The majority of people also think that because of Tom's experience, Justin doesn't stand a chance against him.

The only explanation that makes any sense here is that Justin has been watching too many Mission Impossible movies lately. If Tom cruise does respond to the call, we're in for a pretty interesting come back. 




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