Hailey Baldwin celebrated her 22nd birthday last night on November 22nd, and who was by her side? None other than her husband Justin Bieber. We're sure you're curious to find out how the newlyweds celebrated.

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Hailey's birthday marks the first that they have celebrated as a married couple. So, knowing Justin Bieber and how he is not shy about his public declarations of love for his wife, such as when he serenaded her in front of a huge crowd in London, you probably expected some extravagant birthday bash or a room filled with roses, right? Well, you thought wrong. Honestly, same. 

Hailey Baldwin had a more low-key birthday bash last night with their friends and family. Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette posted a video of the celebration onto her Instagram story.

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The video showed Justin Bieber bring a huge white-frosted cake to his wife. We can't tell what they are saying to each other because the conversation between the two was cut out and replaced by Lauv’s song "I Like Me Better", but the two are all smiles as Justin Bieber talks to the birthday girl. Then out of nowhere, Bieber shoves the entire cake into Baldwin's face. 

@kahleabaldwinembedded via  

No hard feelings for this couple, though, who is clearly still in their honeymoon phase. They did have a literal two-month engagement tho so no surprise there. Hailey actually loved it, laughing about the whole thing, and the couple had some envy-inducing photographs for proof.


Her reaction is pretty unexpectedly actually. It was also my birthday last night, and if my boyfriend had shoved birthday cake into my face at my party, let's just say that I would not be all smiles. Side note, what a waste of cake that could have instead been in my stomach. Anyways, moving on. 

Fortunately, Hailey's birthday was not celebrated without cake in the end. The singer still showed his romantic side and surprised her with yet another cake while everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to his wife. One of the people can even be heard yelling out, "First married birthday". 

Based on the photos and videos, it looks like the couple had a very successful first birthday celebration together. We're just happy the couple made it through the night without Justin Bieber wasn't crying over Selena Gomez – Hailey Baldwin's reaction might not have been as cute and giggly. 

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