Is it too good to be fate? Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber's marriage came out of a planned meeting by her father. The Canadian singer recalled how they met and joked that it was set up on purpose!

Bieber was on The Ellen Show today where he sat down with guest host Demi Lovato.

When asked by Lovato how the newlyweds first met, he recalled their first encounter when they were younger.

Bieber said, "We met in the early mornings of a TODAY Show taping. I'm pretty sure she didn't wanna be there. Her dad dragged her out of bed in the morning and basically, I think because she was raised Christian and they found out that I am...I think it was an arranged marriage. Looking back now, it was definitely an arranged marriage. They set this whole thing up."

He continued explaining that Hailey's dad said, "I wanna introduce you to Justin and his mom. They have similar values and believe the same thing, we think you guys would be good friends...It was definitely an arranged marriage now that I think about it!" 

The couple had their official wedding ceremony in South Carolina last September after their first wedding in a New York courthouse in 2018. It apparently cost them a whopping half a million dollars. 

It seems the two are still in their honeymoon phase as Bieber often gushes over his new wife and even dished details about their intimate life while on stage in front of fans.

During the interview with Lovato, Bieber also shared that he’s doing much better after his recent Lyme disease diagnosis. 

“I feel better, I’m not feeling sick anymore,” Bieber said. “I got bit by a tick and so my whole energy and everything’s been messed up for like two years. It’s been really crappy, I’ve just been depressed but luckily I have amazing doctors who have helped me to have a great recovery so I’m feeling good.”

He assured fans that he’s “really healthy so everyone can look forward to a healthy Justin” as he prepares to embark on the Changes Tour that begins in May. He'll even be taking Hailey on the road with him across North America.

In another clip, Lovato told Bieber that she was inspired by him during her own drug addiction battle in the past years.

She said, "When I struggled last year, I know I looked at you as an inspiration because you've been through this and you've come out at the other side and I just admire the man that you are today."

Bieber touches on his own challenges with drug abuse in his docu-series Seasons that aired all 10 episodes on YouTube. 

Seasons also takes you into his and Hailey's relationship and the making of his new album, Changes. You can catch him with his new album tunes plus old music on one of his four Canadian stops on tour. 

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