For the past few months now, we have seen Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin rocking shirts, sweaters, and even hotel slippers with the name Drew on it. While we all just assumed this was an exclusive brand that we may never get to own because it costs more than our car, the jokes on us. Yesterday, January 29th, Justin Bieber dropped his own clothing line named Drew House, and it's actually so sick. 

And while you may be thinking, 'oh cool, another overpriced celebrity clothing line...' It's actually very affordable! The collection, which launched yesterday, is all cool and warm tones but most of them have the signature Drew logo on it or the other logo which is an adorable smiley face. 

First off, let me say that whoever is doing the social media for Drew House is doing a great job. The fact that Justin and Hailey have been 'teasing' this clothing line for months really makes people interested in when it's going to drop. Also, if you go to the official Instagram page, you'll see that the clothing can be worn in any situation, whether you're jumping into a pool or laying upside down on a couch. 

Drew House clothing ranges from crewnecks to hoodies, to turtlenecks, to t-shirts, to a whole line of corduroy clothing. This may not be your style, but I can 100% see Hailey, Justin, and myself rocking these. Not all together, but a girl can dream. 

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If you're on a budget, no problem. The cheapest thing on the website is $48, and the most expensive is $148. Which may sound expensive, but for a celebrity clothing line, that's actually pretty affordable. Maybe the nice Canadian in Justin wanted all of his fans to be able to afford his clothing line. 

You can shop Drew House hereand many people think the name 'Drew' comes from Justin's middle name which... is Drew. Makes sense. 

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