Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have not been shy in public about their affection for one another; however, it's been a totally different story on Instagram. Despite pretty much doing a makeout tour throughout Europe and North America, the famous couple has been pretty quiet about their relationship on their social media pages, despite having a collective following of over 100 million. 

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The couple rarely comments on each other's posts and have posted almost zero photos together, despite being allegedly married and comfortable with PDA when on the streets. So, when Bieber left a thirsty AF comment on Baldwin's latest Instagram post, we did not see it coming. 

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Baldwin posted a picture of herself onto Instagram today three hours ago, and less than one hour ago, the Canadian singer made a special appearance in the comment section. He made his mark and wrote, "Holy crap this is hot". The comment has received over 12,000 likes since being posted not even one hour ago. 

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The couple has not been vocal about their relationship on social media, so this comment comes as a shock to fans. There is only one picture of the couple on Baldwin's Instagram and three on Bieber's feed. 

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Bieber has commented only twice before on Baldwin's Instagram. The last comment was several months ago, back in July. He commented "dats mine" on a picture of Hailey.

He also wrote a playful comment in May, "Run forest run haha", on a picture of Hailey running in a swimsuit. Aside from that, the singer has been pretty quiet on her social media pages. 

We don't know what exactly prompted this sudden thirsty comment, but we're guessing the couple is making the most of the honeymoon phase. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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