Social media has totally become a platform for those looking to score a date. And we're not just talking about apps like Bumble and Tinder. Instagram, Twitter,  Facebook are also used all the time. 'Sliding into someone's DMs" is a totally valid way to ask someone out in 2017. Which is exactly what Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber, did.

While scrolling through the app, the 23 year old singer, stumbled upon  a "boomerang"  of a young woman working at a gym called "Fitness on Broughton," located in Savannah, Georgia. The video promotes a new drink, and does not identify the young woman. 

via @fitnessonbroughton

Bieber wasted no time to let the girl know he was interested, and DMed her gym asking who she was: 

The girl turned out to be Jessica Gober, a pretty regular girl who's into fitness, margaritas, and hanging out with her boyfriend...

via @jessigoberr

She tweeted out the message her gym received about her, as well as a series of photos showing Justin following her on Instagram. 

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