A couple months ago, back in May, Justin Bieber was admitted to a Long Island hospital to receive medical attention for a twisted testicle. JB had been playing soccer and suffered a painful injury.

After looking up his symptoms, JB went into full panic mode and assumed he had testicular torsion - a serious condition when a single spermatic cord becomes twisted. The tangling of the cord cuts off the flow of blood to the attached testicle and almost always requires surgery to rectify. 

Once admitted to the hospital, staff buzzed with a fever at the celebrity patient - many wondered what brought him to their humble NY abode. A young nurse, Kelly Lombardo, was accused of accessing Bieber's file to see why the star checked in- violating his rights and the hospital's code of ethics. Bieber thankfully didn't have testicular distortion and was treated for having a twisted testicle before being sent on his merry way. 

Though Lombardo claims she did no such thing, someone at the hospital did break into the file. And Lombardo did get blamed for the invasion of privacy. Lombardo claims she was targeted based on her age and gender and has since sued her former employers for wrongful termination and gender discrimination. All because of Justin Bieber's twisted balls.  

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