Poor J Biebs, the pressure of marriage has already made him break down in tears and the date of his wedding hasn't even been announced yet. Following his unexpected emotional breakdown on Tuesday, TMZ reports that it was likely triggered by marriage woes.

On Tuesday, Bieber and his fiancee Hailey Baldwin were snapped by paparazzi in New York City, but without the usual smiles and PDA we've been seeing since their engagement news went public.

The couple took a break from their bike ride to have a serious chat, which by the looks of it was either a heart-to-heart or an emotional confrontation. The two of them even sat down on the sidewalk, Bieber with his head in his hands and Baldwin comforting him. Later that day,  Baldwin reportedly broke down in tears and Bieber was the one to calm her down.

The sighting was certainly unexpected, considering how sweet and in-love they've seemed for the last few weeks. As far as the exact reason for their tearful breakdown, there's no way to know for sure. But, now we finally have somewhat of an answer.

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Bieber was spotted leaving Baldwin's NYC apartment in a much better spirits, even dancing on his way out. He smiled,  complimented fans, and showed off a book in his hand called "The Meaning of Marriage."

"This," Bieber said, smiling as he held the book in front of the paparazzi camera. "You've got good days and you've got bad days.  It's not real if it doesn't have any bad days!" 

We're glad that the book is giving Bieber some comfort amidst all the drama and emotions. 

Source:  TMZ


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