To say last night's Ontario election was a rollercoaster would be an understatement. There were massive changes made to the provincial governing powers and massive losses to the Liberal party.

Not only did Doug Ford win the vote as Ontario Premier, the Conservatives's gained a majority government by winning 76 seats total. The Liberals faced a loss of 50 seats overall - which was obviously a very disappointing outcome for leader Kathleen Wynne. 

Which, she touched on in her concession and resignation speech last night with the statement, ‘We’re still standing’.

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There's no denying that many knew Kathleen wouldn't be taking home a win when she was dubbed the unlikable leader out of the 3 candidates. However, it was with her admission of defeat days before the election that nailed the sweeping loss for the Liberal party. 


You'll want to have a good look at this. #sorrynotsorry

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Nevertheless, both comrades and opponents in government have taken to social media to thank her for her years of service as the Ontario Premier and for all she's done for the province.

Yet one key person has yet to say anything publically for his fellow Liberal leader. 

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Justin Trudeau, while understandably very occupied with the international G7 summit happening in Quebec this week, has not yet made a public statement about Kathleen or her long campaign, which is pretty out of character for him.

While it might just be an oversight on his part, he did take the time to tweet out a congratulations to Doug Ford on his win. In the statement buried at the very bottom was a small one-liner saying, “I also thank Kathleen Wynne for her years of service as Premier.” And he failed to tag her in the Twitter message he sent out to the masses. 

Maybe our Prime Minister is just extremely busy, maybe he is trying to stay impartial or maybe behind closed doors, there's drama brewing on the massive loss the Liberals were handed in Ontario under Kathleen Wynne's leadership.

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