Justin Trudeau is full of surprises. And we mean that quite literally. Remember when he ate a stranger's poutine when walking through a crowd?? Or kayaked up to a stranger's cottage? The guy has no fear and loves taking chances - apparently even with his fashion statements. 

JT attended The United Nations General Assembly this week where he sat on numerous panels, contributed to forums and had some serious discussions, all while rocking - wait for it - Star Wars socks. 

If you're an avid JT fan, you'll know he's a big Star Wars fan. The Trudeaus used it as a group costume theme back in 2015. This isn't even the only pair of Star Wars socks he owns. He wore a - dare we say - stunning pair for International Star Wars Day, May 4th, sharing this tweet with his followers. 

This most recent addition to Justin Trudeau's closet had Twitter astir, seeing as they were a more eclectic fashion choice. 

William Shatner surprisingly expressed his dismay with a full body shot of the PM, thinking the superstar was a Star Trek fan. As if. 

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