Kanye West on his usual Twitter rant earlier this week. But in the wake of his destruction, he left his good ol' pal, John Legend... or so we thought?

After Kanye praised Donald Trump and posted a controversial tweet about getting his MAGA hat signed by the man himself, John texted his friend to try and talk some sense into him. 

Kanye then exposed his own friend by posting a screenshot of their private conversation on Twitter. Feud rumours began to swirl quickly after, but it seems that Kim Kardashian (or maybe Kris Jenner?) has orchestrated a surrender between the old friends.

@kimkardashiansnapembedded via  

Kim posted a slew of videos last night on Instagram Story, showing that John and Kanye had made up and were hanging out together. According to the videos, it was Chrissy's baby shower. 

John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Kanye were all in attendance. 

Kim posted multiple videos of herself at the party with Chrissy. Even though there were rumours that the famous couples were fighting, she definitely squashed those stories with her videos.

 John even played some songs on the piano as Kanye and Kim listened (and filmed). 

Kanye posted this picture of the two friends smiling with the caption, "We got love. Agree to disagree." 

It looks like the two musicians are still friends! After watching the videos it seems really obvious that that at the very least, they're trying really hard to make it appear that they're still friends. 

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