Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have not been getting along lately, and we know a couple of reasons for it. It was revealed last week why Kate doesn't like Meghan, and that's because she felt Meghan used her to climb the royal ladder. Before Christmas, The Queen actually made Kate and Meghan sit down and figure out their issues because she was so fed up with the drama. Well, now another reason for Kate not liking Meghan was revealed and honestly, we understand it. 

If you think back to life before Meghan, Kate was the it girl. Her and Prince William met while attending the same school in 2001, and basically had a fairytale ending. She was always compared to Princess Diana as she was sophisticated, stunning, and the woman everyone wanted to be. She then got married to Prince William in a beautiful wedding, had kids, and lived happily ever after. And for Kate, that changed when Meghan came into her life. 

Her, which is a British websiterevealed that a royal expert believes Kate is very threatened by Meghan. See, from everything I said above, it seems as though Kate was the centre of attention for years. And she was. Then came Meghan and that changed in a heartbeat. 

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While the two duchesses have never acted like BFFs, anyone can spot the tension between them from a mile away. The royal expert, whose name is Carole Malone, believes Kate is threatened by Meghan solely because of her "presences and her appearance on the royal scene". Carole went on to say, "I do think if you had been the top dog, if you had been the young gorgeous girl that everyone had been photographing for the last two or three or four years. You might be a little bit put out when this gorgeous, American, Hollywood star arrives on the scene".

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Carole also mentioned that the two duchesses come from completely different backgrounds, and it's possible that Kate feels threatened that Meghan already had a huge fan base before becoming a royal. While all of this may sound petty, it's actually pretty relatable. Think about a situation where you had been the best or the only, and then someone comes in and everyones pins you two against each other. For any of us that have siblings, we can relate. 

While the two were seen laughing and smiling together on Christmas, we're not sure if they will ever become best friends. Maybe when Prince Harry and Meghan's baby is old enough to have play dates with Louis, Charlotte and George, or maybe never. But we can definitely hope!

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