It seems like for the past few weeks we’ve all heard about the break up or relationship issues of at least one celebrity couple every couple of days. Channing Tatum and and Jenna Dewan for one. 

It made you wonder whether or not anyone could really stand the test of time. So it’s good to see that there are some celebrities out there who are currently actually finding love these days, in this case Katy Perry. 

Perry recently basically announced that she’s dating someone now! It seems that she’s gotten back together with one of her former ex’s to be precise. 

The lucky guy in this situation is none other than actor Orlando Bloom. Recently he singer and her fellow American Idol judges were asked whether they would ever date a contestant from the show.  

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Perry responded by saying, "No, I'm sorry I have been spoken for and speak for myself," and added, "And I'm very happy!" 

When asked if she and her ex Orlando Bloom had reconciled their differences Perry could only wink at the camera.  

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Rumours about the pair have been flying around for months now, they apparently took a vacation together back in January and Perry was spotted soon afterwards wearing a onesie with Blooms face all over it.  

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They were also spotted together on another trip they took to Japan a couple of months later. 

The pair have apparently been taking time to work on their relationship with each other and it does seem to be paying off!

So maybe we will all actually find the right person some day. 

Source: Cosmopolitan 

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