Although it's already been four days since the Raptors took home their first-ever NBA Championship, the hype in Toronto hasn't even begun to die down yet. Fans of the team spent the weekend partying and celebrating the much-deserved win, and today, they celebrated again with a legendary Raptors Victory Parade. Amidst all the wild celebrations, people couldn't help but notice one thing Kyle Lowry said at the Raptors Victory Parade that has fans convinced Kawhi Leonard is re-signing to the team.

Whether you're lucky enough to be in the 6ix right now, or you're just catching all the updates via Twitter and Instagram, you've probably heard that fans have been chanting all day, basically begging MVP Kawhi Leonard to stay in Toronto for at least one more year.

Teammate Kyle Lowry even got in on the hype, and instead of asking for just one more year, he got fans to start chanting "FIVE MORE YEARS" in hopes of pulling Leonard in for a more serious commitment to the Raptors. 

The love that Toronto (and all of Canada, really) has for Leonard is beyond obvious, and the smile on his face says it all. At this point, fans are basically convinced that he'll sign for at least another year:

Leonard has been incredibly secretive about his plans moving forward, but fans couldn't help but notice that even his Chief Business Strategist, "Uncle Dennis" joined in on the "FIVE MORE YEARS" chant.

As an added incentive, Toronto's viral "plant guy" even gave Kawhi a housewarming gift this morning, so now he definitely has to stay.

It's incredibly hard to say what Leonard's next move will be - a lot of fans are hoping that he chooses to play for the Lakers next season, but equally as many fans would love to see him stay in Toronto with the Raptors for another year (or five).

Leonard has a lot of love for Canada as well and even AirDropped a super sweet message to fans at the Victory Parade this morning. Although he's remained super lowkey about things so far, he won't be able to hide his decision for long. No matter what happens though, one thing's for sure - Kawhi Leonard will always have Canada's heart.

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