For anyone who's been off of Instagram or has been vacationing under a rock for the past week or so, you might not be aware of the huge fail that was the Kendall + Kylie vintage t-shirts added to the Jenner sister's online store.

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The duo created vintage t-shirts with their faces splashed over musical icons such as the Tupac, Notorious BIG, Ozzy Osbourne, The Doors, Kiss, Metallica, etc. And while the shirts sold out online (for a whopping $125 US dollars), the families of the artists and the internet in general, weren't having any of it.

The girls allegedly didn't ask permission to use the images of the artists on the t-shirts, which didn't sit well with a lot of people. 

Voletta Wallace, the mother of Biggie, spoke out on her Instagram page knocking the girls for not contacting Biggie's estate before capitalizing on this image. Sharon Osbourne (wife of Ozzy Osbourne) tweeted that the sisters should stick to what they know... lip gloss. And people in general, raged on social media on everything from the price of the shirts to the overall disrespect to these musical icons.

Kendall and Kylie quickly removed the offending shirts off of their site and took their images down off of their store's social media pages. Kylie then issued a general apology via Twitter...  however, no one is appeased.

Daily Star posted that in the most Kardashian-like fashion ever, the moguls are looking to do damage control by donating all the profits earned from the shirts to charity. The unnamed source claims that: "They are considering donating all the proceeds of the shirts that were sold to the charities of the families to make their apology actually mean something more."

"They are definitely feeling bad over the fallout of their t–shirt line and are not happy that they are getting threatened with lawsuits and taking a lot of heat for it," a source tells

What do you think? Have the Jenner sisters done enough to be forgiven?

via @volettawallace

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