Two weeks ago, we covered a story that involved Kendall Jenner, Instagram and pizza. Kendall had created a mysterious Instagram page entitled @pizzaboys that only featured three pictures. Two photos that said "coming" and "soon" and in between was a photo of Kylie and Kendall in a swimming pool with pizzas.

Now we finally know what this mysterious new account means, and it's definitely not what we thought.

Via Kendall Jenner

Yesterday, Kendall Jenner posted this picture to her Instagram story and now we finally know what the Instagram account is about. 

She announced via Instagram that Friday, April 13th at 10 AM PST would be the first episode of her new radio show. If you swiped up, it linked you to her Apple Music radio channel, Pizza Boys Radio. WHAT?! I know, we were surprised too. But apparently, it's true. 

@kendalljennerembedded via  

She followed up that picture with a video of @lukasabbat and @buddy jamming out to music on a spacious patio. It seems like she's fully immersed in the music scene now.

As we previously covered, this is something that Kendall has been working on since June 2017. 

Via Apple Music

According to Apple Music, the radio show is described as follows, "Pizza Boys is a living room pizza party hosted by Kendall, Daniel, and all your favorite pals. Served monthly, hot and ready, this is a show about music and friendship with special guest appearances you won't want to miss."

We'll have to wait and see if it's really worth the hype!

Update on April 13th at 11:20 AM:

It's actually really good so far! The music is bumpin' and Kendall is hosting her first show with her entire crew of pals.

That includes her sister Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Jordyn Woods. They're currently talking about music and discussing their best Coachella experiences. 

Kendall may just be onto something! Oh, and the playlist is lit. 🔥

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