The Jenner sisters have always been gorg but in their younger years, both of them looked a lot different than they do now. Both Kendall and Kylie are practically the poster girls for the ultimate "glo-up" considering how much they've changed from back when Keeping Up With The Kardashians first started! 

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While we already know that Kylie's transformation has a lot to do with her fillers and Sugar Bear Hair (apparently), Kendall's transformation has been a lot more low-key. Instead of going for full glam, Kendall usually opts for more subtle ways to reinvent her look.  

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While it's been widely speculated that Kendall has always been using lip fillers, just at a smaller rate than her sister Kylie, it seems that she's gone big this time! She chose none other than the Golden Globes to debut a significantly bigger pout last night that couldn't help fans but wonder if it was the result of a bit too much filler by accident or if she's taking after her younger sister Kylie. 
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Here's a photo of Kendall during her teen years and you can already notice that she had a significantly thinner pair of lips than what she's sported in the past few years. Though last night at the Golden Globes her lips looks way bigger than usual: 

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While the reviews on her new pout are mixed, we think she looks stunning either way! Could another insane Jenner transformation be in the works? Or could this all just be one big distraction to keep us from thinking about pregnant Kylie? 

Adapted from: Narcity Quebec 

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