Kris Jenner has another reason to celebrate, apart from becoming a grandmother again to her daughter(s?). 

Because it was announced that her second-youngest daughter, the gazelle-esque Kendall Jenner, is now the highest paid model in the world. 

via @kendalljenner

And we know Kris loves her grandchildren, but we think this news probably tops her list of proudest moments. 

For the first time in 15 years, the gorgeous Gisele Bundchen was knocked off the top of the list and replaced with Kendall who made a whopping $22 million this year from modelling royalties alone. 

But don't feel too bad for Gisele; she still made $17.5 million this year and is married to Tom Brady.

Even though the news isn't entirely surprising, considering how majorly Kendall has been killing it this year, despite some serious hiccups (hem hem, Pepsi commercial. 

via @kyliefansllm

And even with her huge contracts with the likes of Fendi, Tom Ford, Alexander Wang, Forbes, who reported the model's income, said her career got a considerable boost this year due to paid social media endorsements and other extracurricular business activities. 

Yasss Kendall, you go girl. 

Source: CTV 

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