No one is exactly sure where Canada's most well-known fashion trend came from. However, what we do know is that except for the time Britney Spears brought it back in 2001, it's an outfit that had it's time to shine in the 1950s, and was left in the 1950s. However, a fashion designer created a modernized version of the forgotten look that you'll love. Kendall Jenner's Alexander Wang Canadian tuxedo is everything. 

The original Canadian-made outfit traditionally consisted of an oversized jean jacket paired with oversized jeans, but this new version could be making a comeback in the fashion industry. 

Alexander Wang, known for more urban fashion design, posted a photo of Jenner today modelling a new design. The picture has the oldest Jenner sister posing in a cropped jean jacket hanging off her bare shoulder and a fitted jean skirt that falls longer on one side. 

He captioned the outfit, "The Canadian tux is shook."

People in the comments couldn't agree more with Wang's sentiment, leaving messages like, "Now this look !! Honey u killing It 🦋🦋🦋" and "Hail the queen." 

This isn't the first time a member of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has sported a Canadian tuxedo. A few months ago Kim Kardashian herself was spotted out and about in all denim, making it her own by mixing in some leather. 

The entire family, in general, has strong ties with jeans. Sister Khloe Kardashian also owns a company, "Good American", that specializes in creating jeans for women of all sizes. 

Like everyone else, the Alexander Wang model shared that she was heading back to work this week after spending the holiday with her family, and participating in the annual Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eve bash. 

She captioned a mirror photo of herself in a crop top and underwear yesterday, "back to work."

The 23-year-old model also shared her experience on a private jet today as she embarked onto a new job. 

Perhaps on her way to another photoshoot involving the revamped look? If anyone is going to make the Canadian tuxedo popular again, it might be Kendall. 

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