When you're a celebrity, it's not uncommon to sign endorsement deals with brands. A lot of Instagram influencers promote things like Flat Tummy Tea, monthly subscription boxes, or jewelry and clothing lines. Because these people hold so much influence over their followers, the hope is that a simple post on Instagram will encourage people to also buy the product. This is all fine and dandy when celebrities ACTUALLY endorse the product, but in some cases, they don't, like Kendall Jenner's latest Proactiv ad, which has people rolling their eyes.

Kendall has always been very candid about her struggles with acne, so naturally, she decided it was a good idea to partner with popular skincare brand, Proactiv. Over the years, Proactiv has received plenty of mixed reviews, and as someone who has used it personally, I'll admit that it definitely didn't work for me as well as they advertise it. Because she's a millionaire, people are convinced that Proactiv isn't what helped Kendall achieve clear skin at all.

Today, April 16th, Kendall posted the above photo to her Instagram with a simple caption reading, "@proactiv 🖤 #ad". As you can see, she appears to be applying some sort of spot cream or facial treatment while looking in the mirror. On closer inspection though, you'll notice that Kendall doesn't even have any product on her finger, and people in the comments are calling her out:

The biggest problem people seem to have with Kendall advertising Proactiv is that (if she even does use it), it's definitely not the only product she uses. Kendall likely receives regular, expensive facials and skin treatments from professional aestheticians and uses top quality products on her face because hey, she can afford it!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with securing the bag and working with brands, but celebrities need to remember just how impressionable their fans can be. It's the same as when Kim and Khloe promote weight loss products - sure, you might sip that Flat Tummy Tea, but you also have a nutritionist, and a personal trainer, and a plastic surgeon. Not everything is how it appears on social media!

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