Amidst the rumours of Khloe's (basically, totally confirmed) pregnancy, new reports have surfaced from sources claiming that Khloe is having a baby boy. Kardashian was spotted leaving a 20-week check-up on October 9th where she most likely learned the sex of the baby. Multiple sources confirmed to Us Weekly that Khloe and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson are expecting a son in the near future. 

via @khlostan

Since celebrating her pregnancy, Khloe has been very active in living a healthy lifestyle despite eating for two. She is quote, "hungrier than ever" and has been chowing down on smaller meals throughout the day to sustain her hunger. The Revenge Body host is still exercising, though adding more cardio and bringing down the intensity of her workouts. 

via @khlostan

While her and Thompson are in no rush to get married, the two definitely see it in their future but want to pace themselves and their relationship. 

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