Khloe Kardashian has had an incredibly up and down past couple of weeks. First there was the video of Tristan Thompson being groped by one woman while he kissed another and then just a few days later the couple welcomed their first child named True.

Ever since then everyone has been wondering what exactly could she be up to.

Until now that is.

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The reality TV star took to her own app to talk about her first Mother's Day and to throw out some gift ideas for all the moms of the world.

“I still can't believe I'm a mom - it feels like such an honour. Now it feels even more important to honour all the amazing women in my family,” she said.

She went on to say that “this Mother's Day will be the most special yet.”

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In case you’re wondering some of the gifts she suggests are a hoodie from her own Great American brand, a kimono and rose soap pedals.

Being a mom, as we all know, is a full-time job. Particularity with an infant and Khloe isn’t taking a break anytime soon it seems.

Even if that means we all have to wait longer to find out exactly what’s going on between her and Tristan Thompson.

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Thompson has had to face the scandal almost daily since it broke, yesterday he was jeered by Raptors fans at a playoff game between them and Thompson’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

So this might not be quite what we expected Khloe’s first real public appearance to be but at least she seems to be happy.

Source: ET Online

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