If you're new here, Kim and Khloe Kardashian's fan bases have been feuding since day one - but even Kim and Khloe aren't sure why it's even happening. The whole thing is undoubtedly confusing, but we have some insight as to what might be going on. 

If you missed it last night, Kim and Khloe went on an epic twitter raging session trying to figure out why their "fans" were always beefing with each other. It's been years that this feud has been happening and the famous sisters assure fans, they're best friends and there's no hate between them. 

It seems that fans stick up for their favourite sister by bashing fans of the other sister - talk about weird? When Kim and Khloe caught wind that the feud was going on, they quickly took to Twitter. The whole thing started when Khloe responded to user @MyleezaKardash who tweeted about how ridiculous the whole feuding situation had become.

Here are some screenshots from the fiasco last night. 

Via Twitter / Khloe Kardashian

Via Twitter / Kim Kardashian West

Via Twitter / Kim Kardashian West

Even the sisters are confused. One comment from @realguillermoh says it all, "I fight because you guys never notice me. Love u😂". We think this says it all, it's an attention seeking thing. Young fans want to get the celeb's attention to they cause trouble online to get noticed, not surprising. 

On the other hand, there are definitely a few occasions where Kim has been sort of - kinda - a little bit harsh to her younger sister, Khloe. Maybe fans are holding grudges against her for that? Remember that time that Kim called Khloe an "evil ugly little troll" ... for waking her up early. It seems that video has been stripped from the internet, but if you watched that episode, there's no way you can forget that epic fight. 

Here's a clip from an episode earlier this season where the two fought over Kim calling Khloe a liar. 

Here's another clip where Kim calls Khloe out for ditching their vacation plans, dating "50 rappers". Khloe responds by making fun of Kim constantly taking selfies. 

Is this a case of fans seeking attention or are fans holding grudges over how the sisters have treated each other in the past? What do you think?

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