This past week was Paris Fashion Week. A notably absent A-list guest was Kim Kardashian West, a star that frequents the front row of many fashion houses elaborate shows. Kardashian was bound, gagged, threatened and robbed last year in the privacy of her own suite, instilling enough trauma that the star skipped out on this year's Paris shows.

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It's been a year total since Kardashian's attack and the scars are still fresh. Kardashian told the press that it was "too soon" for her to return to Paris as she didn't want to trigger herself, emotionally. The first trip Kardashian took after her Paris attack was a family vacation to Mexico. Though Kardashians were staying at a family friend Joe Francis' home - a property they had visited many times before, Kim was still fearful on a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

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"I just have anxiety. Are you sure it's safe here?" she asks Joe Francis with tears in her eyes. "Yeah, it's safe there. I promise you," he responds. "Look, I went through the same thing, I promise you it's safe. I have my kids there. It's safe."

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Kardashian admits that ever since her Paris attack "I just go through this worst case scenario mode in my head." When she was gagged and bound, Kardashian feared she would be raped and murdered by her attackers. She was robbed of 10 million dollars worth of jewelry in Paris and has since scaled back flashing any opulence on social media or sharing her location. The media and public were quick to blame her flashy photos as a reason why she was targeted for the attack. 

"All of these people at the airport are gonna see 17 or 18 girls with all of our Chanel bags and Louis Vuitton this, and it just like hit me. We're the biggest target ever," she revealed. 

Watch the tearful moment in full here. Hopefully in time Kim K will be able to feel comfortable travelling and let those scars heal. 

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