I've officially decided that Kim Kardashian is your annoying-ass friend that makes you take 'candid' photos of her doing everything. From 'eating' a McDonalds ice-cream (note: we never actually see Kim eating the ice-cream), to grabbing Starbucks and (not) pumping gas. 

So apparently Kanye designed some new Yeezy pieces and that called for a full-on photo-shoot of Kim doing...everything. While there weren't any sets or lighting crews, there was full hair, make-up, styling and of course - paparazzi to snap Kim being the most relatable girl!!!!

Kim Kardashian is not relatable, I'm sorry. She's gorgeous, super rich, and ridiculously privileged. I CANNOT relate to her in $1000 bike shorts, no matter what 7-11 candy bar she's toting back to her Bentley. I can't pretend like these photos didn't enrage me, as they're all SUPER staged and a sad attempt at being a 'normal' not-multi-millionaire- Calabasas queen. As nice as they are, I am not here for them, but judge for yourself. 

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